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FIPS in the Community - Helping Women in Need

After breast augmentation, breast reduction, and even a breast lift, many women discover that their bras no longer fit. Instead of discarding the gently used bras, Fleming Island Plastic Surgery has collaborated with the Quigley House to provide them to women in need.

The Quigley House is a comprehensive Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center serving the Clay County Area in Northeast Florida. Their mission is to provide advocacy and empowerment to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. The Quigley house provides a 24-hour shelter for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Many times, these women leave their circumstances with only the clothes on their backs.

Bras are one of the MOST requested and LEAST donated clothing items. As you know, a good bra can be an investment. These women often are starting over with nothing.

Fleming Island Plastic Surgery created the Give Your Support campaign for women to donate their gently used bras to victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence. Even if you had surgery somewhere else, please bring your gently used bras to Fleming Island Plastic Surgery, where we will have them professionally laundered, and then given to the women of Quigley House. All your donations are tax deductible.