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What is a Mommy Makeover, Anyway?


The answer is, “It depends.”  Most frequently, when we talk about Mommy Makeover, 

we are referring to a tummy tuck and breast enhancement for a woman that has had a child (or children) and wishes to regain her pre-pregnancy figure.  But, those are not the only procedures that can make up a Mommy Makeover.  Your surgeon will talk with you about your areas of concern and then tailor a treatment plan that will achieve the results you desire. 

 For most women, the body changes after pregnancy that concern them the most are:

• Breast deflation

• Drooping and sagging in the abdominal area

• Bulging in the stomach area

• Abdominal stretch marks

• Vaginal laxity

• New or worse cellulite

• Separation of abdominal muscles

• Stubborn and extra fat in new areas

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