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FAQ's Breast Augmentation

Q: When will you be able to wear underwire bras?

A: You will have to wait a month or two to start wearing underwire bras depending on what Dr. Wallace says. In the meantime, wear sportswear bras or the bra that Fleming Island Plastic Surgery offers. We know how much you’re looking forward to wearing all your cute new bras, but this rule is in place so that you have the best results! For your wounds to heal properly, it is best to wait until Dr. Wallace gives the O.K. on wearing underwire bras.

Q: When can you start exercising again?

A: Start off by taking slow walks the day after your surgery, then you can start gradually exercising more but only as instructed by Dr. Wallace. Do Not overdo it!

Q: Will you be able to breast feed after this procedure?

A: Yes, you usually can breast feed with breast implants. Talk to your surgeon or OB/GYN if you have any concerns.

Q: Will I still be able to have mammograms?

A: Yes, let the technician taking your mammogram know that you have breast implants. It is important to let them know so they can use special methods on taking the mammogram to get the quality x-rays needed for the radiologist.

Q: Can you still detect breast cancer with implants?

A: With the sub-muscular placement of the implant, or under the pectoral muscle, you can still view about 93% of the breast tissue. With the sub-mammary placement, or above the pectoral muscle, there is an 87% view of the breast tissue with a mammogram 

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