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Choosing the Right Size Implant

When choosing what size of implant, you want, our #1 recommendation is, don’t think about bra/cup size. There are several reasons why we say this.

  • Cup sizes tend to change for all women from one bra manufacturer to another;
  • Many women have never been professionally fitted for a bra and therefore wear the wrong size already;
  • Implant size does not really correlate to cup size;
  • Many women will choose a smaller implant solely to avoid cup size stereotypes;
  • The shape of the implant impacts your desired look as much as the size.

Suggestion: Take time to play with implants that you think are “way too big for you.” We have sizes from 125cc to 500cc. (cc refers to the volume of fluid filling the implant). Why play with large implants you ask? Reports show that 90% of women regret not choosing a larger implant.  Get yours right the first time! No reason to pay for two surgeries or to put your body through a second procedure because of a silly stereotype.

Dr. Wallace has two goals when he has you try on sizers.

  1. Find a size you LOVE and then
  2. Find a size that’s too big so later if you’re second-guessing your size choice, he can remind you that you didn’t like the next bigger size.


Don’t worry. Dr. Wallace and the FIPS team will help you choose what’s right for you. You will have as much time as you need, even multiple visits if necessary, until you feel sure you have picked the perfect implant.

Types of implants: Silicone vs. Saline

Saline implants consist of a silicone outer layer with a sterilized salt water solution that is filled after placed in the breast.

Silicone implants are prefilled & have a thicker gel-like consistency.  They are more natural feeling as compared to saline implants.

Both types are safe, and both offer certain advantages. During your consultation, Dr. Wallace will go into more detail and answer any questions you have. 

Shapes of Implants: Teardrop vs. Round

The implants can come in a teardrop shape, which makes the breast appear more naturally shaped, or the choice of a rounded shaped implant, which typically makes the top of the breast appear fuller.

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