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Do you want to turn back the hands of time?  Dr. Wallace is the only surgeon in the Jacksonville area offering BlepharoPlasma®, a revolutionary resurfacing procedure that results in a dramatic improvement of the creapy skin, fine lines, and excess skin around the eyes without any cutting!   The BlepharoPlasma® procedure is performed using the J-Plasma® device which provides a safe and precise dermal (skin) ablation.

Surgical Technique

Assisted by the J-Plasma® device, Dr. Wallace will use a painting technique on the areas of concern (passing the device back and forth like brush strokes on a canvas).  With each stroke, resurfacing of your skin occurs.  Unlike traditional lasers used to resurface the skin, J-Plasma uses helium which doesn’t require much energy. Less energy means less heat, and less heat means less thermal damage to surrounding tissues and the ability to control the depth of the ablation.  Helium is naturally a cold gas and because the device only turns a portion of the helium into a plasma, the rest of the helium is used as a cooling agent to immediately cool the area being ablated. This cooling effect reduces thermal damage to surrounding tissues that do not need to be treated. This gives Dr. Wallace the ability to individually tailor the procedure precisely to the patients’ desired results.

An Added Bonus

For an added bonus, J-Plasma®, unlike any other resurfacing laser on the market, dramatically tightens the skin during the resurfacing procedure.  When you combine the resurfacing with the tightening offered ONLY by the BlepharoPlasma® procedure, you get similar if not better results than with traditional eyelid surgery which requires cutting and removing skin.

BlepharoPlasma® FAQs

Are You a Good Candidate?

Almost anyone who wants to address the most common signs of skin aging is a good candidate.  BlepharoPlasma® significantly improves all of the following:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Creapy skin
  • Droopiness
  • Puffiness

What's the Down Time?

Most patients will want to remain indoors for 7-10 days.  As with any ablative procedure, you should expect to be red and puffy for the next 10 days. You might want to plan to stay at home with no make-up and lots of moisturizer for the first 7 – 10 days. If you feel the air in your home is dry (like during winter), investing in a humidifier may help you feel more comfortable.

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